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Do you need a Sworn Translator of English or an Official Translator of English?

The full title of our position is Sworn Translator-Interpreter of English and we are certified by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperationwhich means all our certified translations in English are legally valid.

We offer speed, quality and value for money. Our Sworn Translators of English sign, stamp and certify their official translations, which, once finished and revised, can be presented wherever they are needed with the confidence that they will be accepted.

How can I request the services of a Sworn Translator of English?


The fastest way is to scan everything you wish to have translated and send it to it’s that easy. Remember to tell us where you live and to provide us with a telephone number so we can contact you. Not only will we give you a price but we will also explain the payment and delivery/collection possibilities that are available to you, as well as the date for the completion of the translation. This date is flexible and can be agreed upon with you.

If you would prefer to bring the documents to us in person, request an appointment at one of our offices. However, bear in mind that the quotes are not always given in the moment. This is normally done once the number of words has been counted.

What are the prices for our services as Sworn Translators of English?

Trust us when we tell you that the best thing to do is to request a fixed quote. Why? Imagine that a website says they charge €0.09 per word and another one says €0.10. However, once the words are counted, the one which was supposedly going to cost you more gives you a discount for repeated words or for the similarity of documents or offers free delivery while the other one charges you for it… In the end, the one which appeared to be more expensive turns out to be cheaper.

Here, we guarantee good prices and a good service before, during and after the translation, if you happen to have any doubts. We assure you that, apart from the price, you will value everything else that we can offer you. Behind each translation is a team of highly-qualified professional translators who know what they are doing and who strive to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.

What are the available methods of payment?

Pay beforehand by bank deposit or transfer, payment on delivery or payment on collection of the translation from our offices. Depending on each case, we will inform you of the options you can choose from.

How do I receive the translation?

We will always give you our certified translation in paper as the signature and stamp cannot be digitalised. Depending on each case, we will inform you how you can receive or collect it:

  • You can receive it at home by courier for free the day after we send it. This way, we guarantee speed, nothing gets lost and utmost confidentiality.
  • You can collect it from the nearest courier’s office the day after we send it.
  • You can collect it from one of our offices.

In each case, you will receive an electronic copy in PDF format by email and for free. In many cases, you can speed up procedures by using this digital copy.

I’m convinced by your offer. Do I need to send you the original documents?

No, it is not necessary. A Sworn Translator of English can complete a certified translation without the original documents in front of them. If the document is not entirely legible or we have some doubts about hand-written sections, we will speak to you in order to avoid any mistakes.

Do you do urgent translations?

Of course. Most of the time, we know that your translations were needed yesterday. We will agree on a delivery date with you and you can rest assured that we will meet it. We do not make false promises. If we see that we cannot complete the translation for the date you request, we will tell you so. Rushing through a translation could affect the quality and we will not run that risk.

What do we translate?

Everything, there is nothing we cannot translate: diplomas, qualifications, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, certificate for powers of attorney, academic certificates, deeds, webpages, menus, catalogues, CVs, museum guides, criminal records, doctoral theses and a lot more.

We offer a national service

Our clients are a mixture of individuals and businesses rom all over Spain. Many find us through Google or Facebook while others reach us by word of mouth. It does not matter where you are; discover what we can offer you without any compromise and then you can decide for yourself.

f you need to go abroad at short notice or you are there already, we can also provide our services as Sworn Translators of English. Distance is not a problem.

Thank you all for helping us grow and be better!

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