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Our sworn translations are completed by a Sworn Translator-Interpreter who is authorised to do so by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At Juridiomas Traductores, all our Sworn Translators certify, sign and stamp their official translations so that they are legally valid and you are able to present them knowing that they will be accepted.

We are professionals that you can rely on to complete the process with ease and without any obstacles. As there are no translator’s associations, only workers’ associations for professionals in this sector, the Office of Language Interpretation belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for guiding us so that you can confirm that our sworn translators really are what they claim to be at any time.

We can process sworn translations quickly and comfortably using the scanned documents you have sent as it is not necessary to have the originals in our hands. Before beginning, we will give you a quote for the work, which you should accept as soon as possible. Afterwards, we will make sure your translations arrive for free or you can collect them from our office.


What is an official translation?

A sworn translation and an official translation are exactly the same. They may also be known as a certified translation. There is no difference whatsoever; it is only a priority of use.

Do I need to bring them to a Notary Office afterwards?

Sworn translations do not need to be notarised afterwards. The Sworn Translator has already attested and certified that the translation is faithful and agrees with the original document. This is especially the case when it has been translated into a language that the notary public is not authorised to certify.