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These are translations which do not have to be certified but, instead, need a translator who is specialised in each area in order to achieve the best translation.

Juridiomas Traductores’ native translators are based in Spain. They are focused on different areas of translation, as it is difficult for a single translator to be an expert in medical texts while also being able to translate a text about flamenco with the same fluidity.

We ensure that each translation is done by a native translator who has an in-depth knowledge of the topic of the text that is being translated and the terminology required to translate it. We do our utmost to ensure that there are no mistakes regarding the spelling, grammar or cohesion of the text.

Of course, the ideas of the original text should be expressed fluidly so that the end reader does not know it is a translation with awkward expressions or dated words.

You will be able to contact us at any point in order to make timely consultations about our completed work.

There are numerous specialised areas that we could talk about but here we are just going to focus on these five so as to give you an example.