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Are you being charged to receive your translations?

That’s NOT the case with us.

Payment methods:

Choose the payment method that suits you best, which will be explained fully with your quote, along with the price, deadline and delivery method.

Are you somewhere in Spain?

  • Make a deposit in the bank.
  • Make a transfer online or at the bank.
  • Make a payment with Paypal.
  • Pay with Bizum, a new, quick method that doesn’t charge you anything.

Are you abroad?

  • Choose one of the previous methods.
  • Be careful: if you are going to send us a transfer from a foreign account, you should let us know so beforehand in order to authorise it.

Delivery method:

For specialised translations:

  • By e-mail.

For sworn translations:

  • Anywhere in Spain by courier free-of-charge with delivery the next day before 7 p.m. or you can collect it from the courier’s office the next day after 9 a.m.
  • Abroad by registered post and free-of-charge.