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Escrituras de constitución

At Juridiomas, we translate a wide range of documents. The purpose of translation is to enable effective communication between parties from different linguistic backgrounds. This is achieved by taking original documents in one language and presenting them in the target language with the equivalent vocabulary so that the recipient understands it in terms that are familiar to them. This covers many types of communication and serves various purposes but translation can be particularly useful in the case of international business.

If you have a business and you are looking to expand into external markets, this can entail a lot of paperwork. Legal requirements will need to be met and papers will need to be filed with company registers in other countries. One document that you may be required to submit is one which details the founding of your company. Naturally, this document will have to be translated into the official language of the country. It may also be the case that a foreign bank or company that you are looking to do business with wants to get some information regarding your company’s background. In this case, providing them with a translation is the most comfortable way to do so.

Escritura de constitución – what is it?

When dealing with companies in Spain or looking to register a company in Spain, you might be requested to provide an “escritura de constitución”.

An “escritura de constitución” is the document required to register a company in Spain. is a notarised document which details the names of the founding members, the company’s corporate purpose and registered address, the share distribution as well as the structure of the company board and the names of its members. It serves as a statement of the signatories will to form a company.

Equivalent documents in other jurisdictions

Depending on the country your business is based in, the equivalent document may be one of the following:

A memorandum of association is a document prepared by the founders of a company during the initial phase of the company’s creation. Its purpose is to outline the relevant information of the company, such as its corporate purpose, the corporate name, the structure of the board and the name of its members, as well as the division of the share capital among the company’s founders. The contents of a memorandum of association may vary depending on the country the company is registered in. However, the details mentioned above are frequently included.

The need to prepare a memorandum of association also depends on the jurisdiction. When registering a company in the United Kingdom, you will need a memorandum of association. This is a legal statement signed by all initial shareholders or guarantors agreeing to form the company”.

A similar document in the United States is an operating document which provides a brief overview of the business. However, the requirement to have an operating document is not mandatory in every state; in fact, only five (California, Delaware, Maine, Missouri and New York) legally require every company to have an operating agreement.

Why should you get it translated?

In the globalised world, English is now spoken by people all across the globe and has been firmly established as Earth’s lingua franca. As a result, it is common to assume that people, especially those involved in international transactions, will have a good understanding and command of the language. However, the nuance and specificity of legal language means that documents written in such a manner are not always easily accessible, even for native speakers. Therefore, it will make the whole process easier if the recipient is provided with a copy of the original document in their native language. No matter how good their English may be, this will make it a lot easier for them to understand the document. They will also appreciate the effort made.

Additionally, in the case of providing documents in official capacities, often you may not have any choice in the matter; some jurisdictions insist on registered documents being written in the country’s official language. When this is the case, you will need to have the document translated. Another factor to consider is that some countries will only accept sworn translations for documents received in an official capacity.

Why choose Juridiomas?

At Juridiomas, we have years of experience in dealing with documents of this kind. The translation of escrituras de constitución is a common request from companies looking to do business in Spain. We have a team of translators, native speakers of Spanish and English, working together to make sure that the translation is a faithful one while also being one that presents the document in equivalent terms in the target language.

If you have any further queries regarding the matter or any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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